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everyone out there. it is a middle start to your sunday. temperatures already climbing into the low and mid-50s. and with all of the sunshine, temperatures will continue to climb into the 70s today. it is already near 60 degrees. no rain drops around our area for today, but that will not be the case tomorrow. rain chances come back into the picture for your monday, so enjoy your day, everybody. nice, mild, dry, breezy today, temperatures in the 70s. we'll be in the 70s again tomorrow but with the rain chances coming in, it will not be as nice of a day tomorrow as today. >> thanks, chuck. >> new this morning, a prince gorges county woman is in the hospital after her house caught fire overnight, and now investigators want to know what
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happened. derek ward has the latest, good morning, derek. >> reporter: still on the scene trying to get to the bottom of what happened here. all in all a woman was injured, but this is an important reminder of how important it is to have working smoke detectors in your home. i want you to take a look at the scene earlier. it was about 3:15 when the smoke detector in this home went off and notified an alarm company. nay notified prince george's county fire. they sent units.
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>> and they remain on the sea now to determine the cause of this fire, but again, a reminder of how important it is this time of year to make sure you have working -- spoke detech doors. >> derek, thank you. >> two women are recovering this morning after an apartment fire in northwest washington. that fire broke out last night around 5:00 on the 8th floor of a building on the 2900 block of 14th street northwest. both women had to go to the hospital to be treating for smoke ill thatlation.
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>>. >> it will bring an end to the two day celebration of people trying to get a view of the shuttle up close. . >> thousands of excited fans lined the streets for day two of the space shuttles slow crawl through the streets of l.a. >> this is history. >> at top speeds of just 2 miles per hour. officials navigated the 170,000 pound shuttle through the city avoiding trees, street lights, and coming within inches of some buildings. >> why did you want to come see it? >> because it looks really big. >> getting endeavor across the 405 freeway.
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>> it is a true national pleasure, and i'm extremely pleased to welcome it to it's new home here in southern california. after a delay, fans were treated to a smeshl musical performance arranged by deb by allen. it's new home will be the california science center where they hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. >> this morning, naval officials are trying to figure out how two ships collided. . one ship hit another during routine operations. no one was hurt, and officials are still surveying the extent of the damage. both of the ships were able to return and dock on their own. fighter jets zeros in over the skies of virginia last night after two small planes entered
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no fly zones. they were intercepted within 15 minutes of each other. it was restricted air space because air force one just landed. both planes were escorted out of of the area. >> both president obama and mitt romney are preparing for tuesday's debate. the president is in williamsburg virginia for the next few days. he is planning on staying there until the debate. john kerry is again playing the role of romney, and romney is traveling all over ohio while preps for the debate. the match up is in new york, and it will be a town hall style. meanwhile, the latest poll numbers may be close, but president obama's campaign has one major lead this morning. with donations from four million people. a top campaign aide says that
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brings fund raising to more than 181 million. if you haven't registered to vote yet in next month's election, time is running out. virginia voters have to register by tomorrow. absentee voting is under deadline. >> voters can still register in person through this friday. they have to go to any dc public library, fire house, or police station. a traffic alert for drivers in virginia, major ramp and lane closures this weekend. drivers should use the through lanes to get bike, and the ramp for eisenhower and telegraph. they will reopen tomorrow in
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time for your commute. the redskins look to get back on track, and their star quarterback looks to get back on the field today. they go head to head with the minnesota vikings this afternoon. the reddskins hope to have robert griffin iii back under center today after suffering a concussion last week. kick off is at 4:30. looks like great weather. >> yeah, and if he's on the field that's even better. >> still ahead, details on an expanded peanut recall. >> and a ramp shut down, changes you need to know. the play that ended the season for derek jeter and had him limping off the field.
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a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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and police are on the hunt this morning for a gunman that shot and killed a man at a party. police say it happened at a house party on the 7000 block of outing avenue. a 21-year-old was shot and killed and a 20-year-old suffered minor injuries in the incident. the shooter then took off. police believe the shooting was not random. some tense moments when a fight at a youth football game. someone pulled a gun and started firing wounding three people. the shooting may have resulted from a fight between two groups of teens the day before. >> more than 1,000 people gathered to remember a colorado
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girl found dead avenue vanishing while she walked to school. hundreds came out to release balloons and hold a candle light vigil. and in independence, missouri, people also head a vigil yesterday. her body was found a week after she disappeared. >> the food and drug administration is expanding a recall of peanuts linked to a salmonella outbreak. the company expanded the recall to raw and roasted, shelled, and inshell peanuts of all qualities. they originally recalled pe naught butter sold at trader joes. >> a woman files a lawsuit after a nationwide meningitis outbreak from contaminated steroids.
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a 15th person has died. that person was from indiana. the company making those steroids has suspended all operations. >> looking through the week ahead now, a detour, vdot sut down the ramp from i-66 eastbound, it's closed to crews can finish the new express lanes before the end of the year. all traffic now has to use the right side ramp to get on the beltway. the five victims of a baltimore row house fire will be laid to rest on thursday. a woman, three of her grandchildren, and a great grand child died in that fire. the woman's husband is in the hospital in serious condition, and the red cross is helping the remaining family members find house p. >> on thursday there will be
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multiple earthquake drills across the region. dc, maryland, and virginia are all holding drills. all right, the time right now, 9:14. coming up, the question one group wants to pose to metro over those controversial new ads. >> and why the nats heartbreaker was especially disappointing. >> discussing life's sentive topics, how a golden retriever helps get the message across. >> and we're in for a big warm up today. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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all right, so i feel like winter is such a tease. we get a little burst of cold, and then we're back in the 70s. >> that's because we're not in
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winter yet. when winter is here, you'll know, because it will get cold and stay cold. >> around here we have not been cold in almost three years, but when the seasons do start to change, we had a little precursor of late november early last weekend, and we're getting ready for the transition, but it's still mid-october and we're entitled to a couple nice days and today will be one of the better ones, no doubt about it. outside right now, a beautiful blue sky overhead. there are some fair weather clouds to be found in the sky. a few more out to the south and to the west. this camera is looking north where the skies are still mortly clear. beautiful morning in progress here in the nation's capital. we're at 56 degrees, airplanes are coming down the river this morning, it's a down river approach, so tell you friends and relatives to sit on the left
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side of the plane. 53 now in hagerstown. and most of maryland, now, in the mid to upper 50s. the redskins, vikings, today, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. nice temperatures. so nowhere near the bundle up factor we had last week. there are wind advisories posted across parts of ohio, indiana, and kentucky. and that wind average is moving in our direction. they will increase later on today, this evening, and tomorrow. the severe weather threat for today is out across parts of the ohio valley. so if you're traveling in that direction, be on the look out,
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there could be weather related airplane delays. for us, mild weather and air from the west. so breesy and mild, mid-70s, no chance for rain today. by early morning rush hour tomorrow, there may be rain around i-91, are and it will be strongest between noon and 8:00 tomorrow. no big severe weather, i don't think, but when there is thunder in the forecast, there is a heads up. breezy and middle. lows tonight upper 50s, some spots maybe not even below 60. tomorrow, umbrellas required, and the risk of a thunderstorm as well. we clear out quickly tuesday, wednesday, and thurz and they look great, and a little storm
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coming back next week. >> all in all this weekend you delivers great weather. >> it was crisp apple picking weather. and today, just relax. in sports, the new york yankees will have to play the rest of the playoffs without their leader, derek jeter fractured his ankle last night. he was trying to make a play when he landed awkwardly on his left leg. so add to the misery, they lost 4-2, falling behind in the american sleeg championship theerz. -- series. >> and the oakies make an incredible come back. >> carol maloney has the highlights. >> good sunday morning, we begin
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with college football, a border battle. the terps get a big boost in a 100 yard opening quick off return. maryland wins 27-20 to improve to 4-2. virginia drops to 2-5. in blacksburg, after trailing 20-0, they score 41 unanswered points capped off by this touchdown run by coleman. virginia tech wins 4 1-20. and today at fedex field, all eyes on robert griffin iii as the redskins host the vikings. he suffered a concussion in last week wees game. he plans on playing the same
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aggressive style of football but will keep his safety in mind. i promised i would get up from hits like that and i got up, so i don't have anything to prove. if you to live to play another down, then you live to play another down. >> they kick off at 4:15 this afternoon. >> hope your sunday a good one. >> thanks. plenty of national fans were disappointing when the team's stunning collapsed happen, but one man was especially heart broken. he is 99 years old, and he was there the last time they were in a world series. he says he really likes the national's squad and believes the team has what it takes to win next year's world series. >> if they can keep the team,
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without getting rid of the talent they have, i know it's expensive, but the talent is made up of, in the five years, of good players. >> he knows baseball. he will turn 100 next month. he want set to throw out the first pitch at one of the nats home games. >> he has watched a lifetime of series in his lifetime. >> i think with his spirit, he will be around next year to possibly throw out that pitch. >> part of the week long event was a visit from a disabled iraq war veteran and his golden restever with an unusual name. >> good morning, last week, it was all about tuesday, that's the name of this army captain's
9:25 am
service dog. his visit was to teach the kids about people with special needs. >> nothing says thank you quite like a homemade car. they're thanking him and his dog, tuesday, for spending time with them. >> it's part of a week-long special needs awareness program. they say they created an annual tradition to teach the children about empathy and sympathy towards others. >> they wrote the best sell ere named "until tuesday." it's about how the captain overcame mental and physical conditions from tuesday.
9:26 am
>> he served two terms in iraq, has brain and spinal injuries, and suffers from ptsd, and says the recovery was rough until tuesday. >> he wakes me up from nightmar nightmares, which is a relief, because you're in the throws of a nightmare, and you're awoken with a beautiful, loving, furry spirit, it's like being woken up by an angel. >> now they share their story around the world. this is a school that main streams students with disabilities. >> a lesson that might have given these kind ergartners a favorite new day of the week. >> he is in production right now, and i'm sure it will be
9:27 am
very popular with the students there. >> maybe tuesday can play himself. >> he was great in your stand up, very patient, let you paint him and everything, and they truly heal the heart and they know when someone is hurting. >> they do, and you can really see the connection. >> great. >> coming up next, distorting the truth, this morning, the experts at fact are exposing political ads. and those controversial metro adds, one group says it has a question for the transit agency.
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hi, everyone, good morning and welcome to news 4 today, i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. >> good morning to you, this time from the beautiful front lawn of the weather deck out here, a great looking morning outside. there is a really nice breeze now out of the southwest averaging 10 to 15 miles per hour now. it will continue to increase later this afternoon, and the southerly breeze will continue to rise and it will reach into the 70s today. the storm 4 radar is rain free on the radar for now. that is our next chance for rain, arriving here, i would say, along about the time you think about going to work and school on your monday morning. that means you need to enjoy today twice as much. old car and convertible owners,
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high alert today. get the car out and drive it around that little bit, or maybe you're going to the red skins game. good weather for that. a lot of people doing the walk for the cure downtown, perfect weather for sitting, driving, or anything today. enjoy your sunday, everybody. we'll be back with another check of the forecast coming up. in this morning's fact check, dualing campaign ads are on the air, and both are distorting the facts. >> it didn't take long for the two parties to put out in ads following the presidential debate. they found flaws with both spots. first the balm campaign used a clip from the debate and what appeared to be a contradicted news report. >> the mitt romney tax plan
9:33 am
would cost $4.8 billion. >> it doesn't include what they went on to say that they would close some loopholes in the tax code and eliminate some tax deductions. >> however, the tax policy centers say the math does not end up, and it is unclear how he would achieve his goals. >> now to the ad from the romney campaign that takes a shot at president obama from running up the debt. >> the four deficits are the four large zest u.s. history. he is adding as much debt -- >> the debt held by the public having increased by about 79% by upon. so when obama came to office, there was an officially projected deficit of $1.2 trillion. so he's not on the took for all
9:34 am
of that. >> so, some good advice -- >> they blame to take the factual high ground and then go on to distort some of the facts. in our experience, any time a political campaign tells you they're giving you the facts, you're probably about to be bamboozled. >> special interest groups are spending big bucks trying to sway voters. it would pave the way for a casey know in prince georges county. that's on base to exceed candidate spending in the past two governor's races combined. there has also been big spending for question six that would uphold a state law. groups supporting and opposing that law have spend more than $4 million -- >> a coalition of religion groups are set to call on metro.
9:35 am
the coalition that includes representatives from christian, jewish and muslim groups have deman spoken out against these ads. a memorial was donated yesterday on the south lawn of the louden county courthouse. it features the name of four residents that were killed. and nearly 200 volunteers work together for the annual jubilee workday. volunteers painted, landscaped
9:36 am
and cleaned up. the goal was to speed up the much needed repairs to the community. >> i can only imagine that a lot of people are working hard and they've come home to put a smile on their face. >> and dc is undergoing with major changes for st. elizabe elizabeth's area. the temporary spot will open next summer as part of a larger redevelopment project that will be turned into a residential and retail space. still ahead, the rain in the forecast as many of you go back to work and school tomorrow. plus, adding a butt of humor to politics.
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in this morning's wednesday child, a boy that's been in foster care most of his young life. although he has made a lot of progress, we can just imagine how far he would go with a family of his own. here is barbara harrison. >> do you know that song? pop goes the weasel. >> this is one of his favorites, and i almost got him to smile. >> angel, who is three years
9:41 am
old, loves to dance to whatever is playing from one of the toys in his foster home. >> he came into care in 2010 due to medical negligent. he has been in the foster care system for almost two years at this time. he is a delightful little boy, very energetic, active, and he has delays, but it doesn't interfere with his day today life. >> he loves light up do is and musical toys, he loves having storying red to him. he is very sweet. he looks to dance, he soothes himself by dancing back and forth. he looks music. and he continues to make positive strides, a lot of progress day by day. no longer needs his walker. he is able to run, almost
9:42 am
everywhere. >> we brought him a surprise, another musicmaker, but what he really needs is a family to make music with. >> i think he would be a wonderful asset to a family. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for angel or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. >> and today is the end of a a journey for walkers trying to find a cure for breast canter. hundreds stepped you have on friday morning and they're walking 60 miles in three days to help find a cure for one of the biggest killers among women. >> we need to do more, the more needs to be done.
9:43 am
we need to get the information out. we wanted to spread it to all of us who are suffering. >> washington is just one of the cities hosting one of these walks. the event wraps up this afternoon at the washington monument. >> i know, it's so amazing to see it, it really is a sea of pink, but if you go and witness it, and see it from afar, it's spectacular. >> if you just want to show love at the national mall today, it will be a great day to get involved.
9:44 am
take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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definitely feel the change from yesterday to today as son as you step out. >> remember yesterday i was standing outside and i had my arms around me and -- >> you looked like a blow fish. i went back to watch, it was
9:47 am
funny. >> because you were shivering so much. >> okay, well this morning i was not in agony because the winds turned around and the temperatures are climbing out there that trend of warmer weather will continue right through the rest of your sunday. remember we had a beautiful clear sky, well mid-level clouds are racing in and we will continue to increase. we won't have that sparkling blue sky like we had yesterday, but it will be about 15 degrees warmer today. these are the kind ka tors of the warmer more humid air, and that trend will continue through today, tonight, and into the
9:48 am
front half of tomorrow. a middle start now, all right 61 degrees in culpepper, flirting with 60 now. 59 on to the eastern shore. the redskins game, no complaints today. i want to see adryian pian pete have a good game. top down weather today for sure. rain showers if you're northbound, there will be rain waiting for you there, and if you're traveling westbound or expecting flights from the midwest, heads up today. there could be delays. no problems in our area for today. a mild start and a milder finish with temperatures into the 70s
9:49 am
this afternoon. so, a substantial southernly breeze today. noticeably warmer, lows tonight and this morning were into the 40s and 50s. and tomorrow, a thunderstorm chance as this front comes roaring through here. things will clear out very quickly once the front goes by. sunshine back by tuesday, today, increasing clouds, yes, breezy, yes, but super mild into the 70s we go for today. cloudy, mild, and humid, a little touch of october humidity coming our way tomorrow. rain is likely and a thunderstorm is a possibility. here is our seven day forecast. super mild today and tomorrow, and then typical october weather for tuesday and wednesday, and more rain chances come in late next weekend. just to give you a heads up. this october now is sixth tenths
9:50 am
of a degree cooler than average. the last time we had an entire month cooler than average is last october. every month since then has been warmer than average. >> how "saturday night live" put their own spin on the presidential debate.
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nb skrrks your place for politics on sundays. the "chris mast thu-- matth show follows us.
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>> obama will have an effective rebuttal, or will romney dominate. will clinton be the closer that barack obama may need in join me and my guests. and now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." here is david gregory. >> thanks, coming up, as the race tightenings, president obama and mitt romney prepare for round two on tuesday. plus the economy, libya, and entitlements have taken center stage. we will cover all of it this morning. joining the conversation, bob mcdonald, jennifer granhall, and our own tom brokaw. and i go one on one with stephen colbert, the man and the
9:55 am
character this morning. and also my extended conversation with stephan colbert will be online. saturday night live" is getting plenty of material from the presidential campaigns, and this weekend was no different as they secured the presidential debate. >> you don't care me shark eyes. >> you think you're tougher than me because you do p 90 x, because you're younger? there's gym strong, and old man strong. you want to know what i do, when the train breaks down, i strip down to my tighty whiteys, and i push that [ bleep ] all the way to washington. >> and they also mocked ryan for what seemed to be like he was
9:56 am
dripging a lot of -- drinking at of water. >> that was really a good bit. >> sometimes you get thirsty. >> all right, anyone that has tried to solve a rubics cube know it's not simple. today, 300 people around the world will make it look incredibly easy. today is the championship in poland. last year's champion has an average solving time of 8.6 times. >> how do you do it blind folded, you need to see the colors -- >> i wonder if to make the competition fair, if they can give them all the same number
9:57 am
moves away from being solved. if they're all randomly done, some would take longer to solve than others. >> and i know there are some that didn't move as well as others. >> when i was in middle school, my cube would not turn that fast. >> there should be a margin of error. >> i call operator error. >> you only have to solve five sides. >> thank you for joining us
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